September issue of FutureScot in The Times Scotland

The September 2016 issue of FutureScot is distributed with The Times Scotland today (Wednesday 28/9) and features stories on technology and digital in Scotland.

Some key features include:

  • First Group is trialling new software that will send bus notification alerts to parents (p5)
  • Dermot Turing – nephew of Alan Turing – on the works The Turing Trust is doing to set up computer labs in Malawi. (p6)
  • Virgin Media’s expansion of its high-speed infrastructure across Scotland. (p7)
  • Registers of Scotland’s 400th anniversary and its work to make the organisation a digital leader. (p8)
  • University of Glasgow working with Chinese counterparts to speed up the internet (p11)
  • The £410m Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband Programme (p12)
  • Software developed by Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems can help show the human heart pulsing in 4-D, and in real-time (p17)

And much more!

cover of futurescot september 2016 issue