FutureNorth & The Northern Powerhouse

The Editorial team at FutureNorth in The Times have created a unique national media platform offering a unified voice for business and civic leaders across the North. This unique media project is committed to increasing the impact of the North of England to the UK economy, and maintaining the momentum that is essential to socially re-balancing the UK.

The 2020 series of FutureNorth Supplements in The Times will help develop consensus, encourage government, business and civic society to work together, develop innovative thinking and new policy ideas to ensure the North is a place to work, study, live and invest. The series will consider the economic, cultural and social synergies that will stem from greater co-operation between the cities, towns and rural regions of the North of England.


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The Voice of Business and Civic Leaders across The North

Each FutureNorth Supplement will lead around one of the four prime economic priority areas of Infrastructure & Assets; Education & Skills; International Competitiveness and Leadership and Learning but will include reference to their collective importance and to economic growth.

Written and designed by award-winning national newspaper journalists and designers rising above the noise of local media and newspapers.

FutureNorth Supplements are distributed within the Times from North Midlands/Wales through to Cumbria and the Borderlands. The distribution footprint of The Times (North) is marked in green and yellow on the map below.


The Times has 313,000 readers in the region; 60% (189,000) of these readers are decision-makers. The Times is read by 20% of all business people within the area, reaching people who do not appear on databases (Source: NRS, BBS)


FutureNorth Commercial Opportunities


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