The Times Scotland Supplements

We publish business and policy supplements distributed as part of the The Times Scotland, under the Canongate and FutureScot brands.

Our experienced team of journalists, writers and designers can bring your story to life in a format and style that suits your objectives. We can also create bespoke 4pp-16pp sections for your organisation or services.

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FutureScot reports on the digital technologies industry in Scotland and the ways it is changing people’s lives, here and around the world.It covers the country’s rich technology ecosystem, from start-ups to billion dollar companies. We analyse government policy and public sector transformation, as well as skills, business and investment.

FutureScot is a showcase for the digital talent and innovation that abounds throughout Scotland. It features interviews with digital leaders and disrupters, policymakers and grassroots groups helping to make Scotland a leader in technology and digital transformation.

Throughout the year every issue addresses the main themes in Scotland’s tech sector, including education, data, digital transformation, digital health, IoT, cyber security, skills and training, women in technology and Fintech.

Every weekday we publish FS Fives – a daily morning round-up of tech stories.

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